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Networking and Your Job Search

More jobs are found through networking than by any other means.  37 Ideas to Grow Your Job Search Network Right Now, is a must-read article for anyone, employed or not, providing a simple list of everything you need to do in order to grow your network online and offline. Included in the list are #1. a simple email address, #5. & 6. join LinkedIn, #9. &

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Web sites available to answer all your questions

Are you looking for a job?  Are you interested in a specific company?  Would you like to know the name of the CEO or who’s on the Board of Directors?  How many employees are there?  How many locations do they have?  How long have they been in business?  Are you interested in speaking with a past employee? Regardless of

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Don’t Burn Bridges

The value of networking can never be overstated.  In a recent blog, What goes around comes around, the significance of presenting yourself as a professional, courteous and considerate individual and more importantly, one who is genuinely interested in the needs of others is reviewed.  The impression you leave may ensure that your name comes to the forefront the next time an opportunity to fulfill

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What goes around, comes around!

Some of us are firm believers in what goes around, comes around and as professionals, we spend a great deal of our time networking. Successful networking involves sharing information, experiences, and most importantly, our needs. Understanding what we can do for others and what they can do for us and then following through will sooner

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Lot’s of HEART

Heart Business Journal For Women, is just that, lot’s of HEART within a very professional magazine.  Inspiring and thought provoking from cover to cover.  Valuable information and positive advice on everything from Human Resources: “Recognizing and Building Talent” to Personal Development: “Transform Your Life and Work”. AmyK Hutchens, Founder and CEO of AKI, Inc., shares her expertise on, “Building a Brilliant

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Beware of Distractions

Recently I had a discussion with a colleague about a blog I had written, Job Interviews and Tattoos and was surprised that the feedback I received was their belief that most potential employers have a negative perception when it comes to tattoos and body piercings.  It is highly likely that many of these people are also sporting tattoos and possibly body

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Professional References

You have presented an impressive cover letter, an enticing and professionally written resume and you are contacted for the job interview.  Once there, you are nothing less than brilliant during your interview in front of a panel of three!  So why was that the last time you heard from them?  One of the most common reasons a highly qualified job applicant is eliminated as a

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Social vs. Professional Online Networking Sites

LinkedIn, Naymz, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, VisualCV and the list goes on and on and on.  Studies, reports, polls and surveys on the subject of social vs. professional online networking sites are as prolific as those on work-life balance or the skills and talent shortage!  In a recent Globe and Mail poll, 84% of over 5000 respondents said they would not

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Little Evidence of 2000 Bell Canada Managers Online

According to a Financial Post article, BCE insiders say more than 2,000 people out of approximately 15,000 managers will lose their jobs during a “100-day plan” unveiled by new chief executive George Cope, to change the public image of BCE’s main unit, Bell Canada. Despite this announcement, I am surprised to see, or I should say,

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Networking Nets Positive Results!

We are pleased to congratulate Anna Mikus on her new postition as Area Operations Manager!  In a recent email, Anna said, “This positiion is purely as a result of NETWORKING.  I am proof that networking really does work!” Thanks were extended to Martin Buckland for facilitating the ExecuNet meetings, “providing excellent networking opportunities”.  Anna went on to say, “In  fact,

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Networking and Your Twitter Bio

Twitter.com is being described as “micro blogging” – a cross between instant messaging and blogging – because you’re allowed only 140 characters.  We all understand the importance of Networking when searching for a job and Twitter is one more tool that is available.  Kevin Donlin recently wrote, “How to Get Found By Recruiters” by using Twitter.  Getting noticed by

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Networking and Your Career

Are you actively networking?  If not, you are in the minority.  You are likely missing out on opportunities for advancement in your current career and if you are searching for a job, you are facing a much greater struggle than necessary. Recruiters list networking as one of their most effective means of finding senior managers and more than two-thirds of executives listed networking

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Are you online and attracting the attention of Hiring Managers?

Over 150 senior executives from 1,000 companies were recently surveyed by an independent company employed by Robert Half International. The question asked, “Which of the following technology tools do you believe will be most useful in your firm’s recruiting efforts in the next three years?”    The results were predictable to me, however, I suspect they will

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