Don’t Panic in Your Job Search

It is unlikely that you will find your new job within the first month of your job search.  Or the second or third or even the fourth or fifth! The fact is you could be in your job search for longer than you expected and although this is not a comfortable situation for most of us, it is important that you don’t panic!  If you want to advance your career and secure the position you are dreaming of, you must remain focussed and present yourself in a postive, confident and professional manner.  Panic can lead to missed opportunities or a costly decision.

Recently, I heard from a job seeker, who was concerned about how long her job search was taking and was looking for any way, as she said, “basically to learn anything that would help me get employed faster”. Unfortunately, she is now trying to get her money back from a course that she registered for and later found out that there was nothing about it that would help to speed up her job search.

As in any industry, you must be beware of the many offers that will offer little or no return on your investment.  Many organizations will prey on your vulnerability as you transition through this difficult and stressful period professionally and personally.  If you receive an offer from any company offering to provide career management and outplacement services for a fee, keep a cool head, don’t panic and do your due dilligence to verify references and credentials.

If you are offered an interview from a recruiter, say yes.  You want your name out there and if no one knows who you are, you could be missing out on a potential opportunity.  If you are offered a job interview, say yes even if you are not sure that it is the right fit for you.  Don’t panic and try to make it the right fit because you need a job.  Openly acknowledge it, be honest, maintain your professional demeaner and show appreciation for the opportunity extended to you for an interview.  Recently, a client of mine was called back after a first interview because the company was interested in interviewing them for a more senior postion.

Networking is your best resource in your job search, presenting opportunities to share valuable information and pick up postitive leads.  In your career transition, stay positive, focussed, confident and above all, don’t panic!

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