You don’t always get what you pay for!

Paying someone to provide a service does not ensure you will receive what you’ve paid for or that it will be a job well done.  If you see services or products offered at a price that is too good to be true, it probably is, too good to be true.  But a high rate of compensation is no more of an assurance that you will get what you paid for.

Probably the most outrageous example of this is an article, Can wild CEO pay be tamed? Probably not.  “As the nation’s financial system was crumbling, the CEO’s that were in charge of the most troubled financial firms pocketed the fattest paychecks during their final full year on the job – and that doesn’t include the golden parachutes they walked away with.”  Lehman Brother’s Richard Fuld – $40 million, Merrill Lynch’s Stanley O’Neal – $46 million, Bear Stearns James Cayne – $40 million, Freddie Mac’s Richard Syron – just shy of $20 million and Fannie Mae’s Daniel Mudd – $12.2 million!

Before you make a decision to retain the services of a professional, it is your responsibility to do your own due dilligence to ensure the choice you make will result in an acceptable return on your investment.  The opportunity to research information online is immeasurable!  The vast number of online networking sites provides a further opportunity to check for referrals and recommendations.  You don’t have to depend solely on the word of the company or organization.  Here are just a few questions that could help you make the right decision before you make an investment:

Does the company have a professional website, free of typos and grammatical errors?
Does the website contain detailed information/photos of the individuals involved in the organization?
Are there any clearly recognizable certifications?  Does it include the logos of the associated institutions?
How detailed is the contact information? Is there a complete address, phone, cell, email, etc.?
When you Google the company and individuals within the organization is the information positive?
Is the company associated with other reputable organizations?
Are you sure the company is not listed on sites such as,
Has the company been in business for a number of years?
Are you able to acquire references for the company from your business contacts, friends, family or online networking sites?

If your answer to any of these questions is no, beware, you may not get what you pay for!


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