Lot’s of HEART

Heart Business Journal For Women, is just that, lot’s of HEART within a very professional magazine.  Inspiring and thought provoking from cover to cover.  Valuable information and positive advice on everything from Human Resources: “Recognizing and Building Talent” to Personal Development: “Transform Your Life and Work”.

AmyK Hutchens, Founder and CEO of AKI, Inc., shares her expertise on, “Building a Brilliant Brand”.  She says, “What you can act on and deliver is your brand, not the (mission) statement you frame and post on a wall”.  She sites examples like Apple: Think Different and Nike: Just do it and refers to it as “actionable magic”.

The Heart Editorial Team included data from the Globe and MailTime Magazine, generational experts, research from the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology and a survey from the University of Guelph in Part Two of their ongoing discussion on “the generational debate”, “From BB to X,Y…Z?”  Did you know that Forbes has more billionaires under the age of 40, that’s Gen X, than ever before?  That 9.6 million Baby Boomers are at or nearing retirement?  And less than 20% of Canadian organizations have implemented an executive replacement process?  That Gen Y’s seem determined to achieve an impeccable level of work-life harmony?

Also included are the top ten tips from networking guru, Pat Mussieux, including, research the event, have your 30-second “infomercial” practiced and ready, work the room, dress the part and follow up!

The Editor’s Feature, “Did Deep…”, offers advice on, “Positive Intention: Be Present”, “Leverage Your Resources”, “Dream Big” and “Lighten Up”.  The advice in leveraging your resources is, “Make networking with others and building relationships a priority”, and goes on to say, “Learning from other skilled professionals, whether the source is male or female, who often share their hard-earned success stories, is not only smart business, but can inspire you to expand your own expectations”.

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