Networking Nets Positive Results!

We are pleased to congratulate Anna Mikus on her new postition as Area Operations Manager!  In a recent email, Anna said, “This positiion is purely as a result of NETWORKING.  I am proof that networking really does work!”

Thanks were extended to Martin Buckland for facilitating the ExecuNet meetings, “providing excellent networking opportunities”.  Anna went on to say, “In  fact, it was the February ExecuNet Meeting that connected me with “the company”.  And after 4 months and 7 interviews – I have landed with them!”

Anna has offered to share her,
“TOP 10 Job Search Strategies while in Transition”
1. Never underestimate the power of NETWORKING. It does work.
2. PERSISTENCE, PERSISTENCE. Be patient and always follow-up.
3. ATTITUDE really is everything!
4. NO only means no for today. There is always tomorrow.
5. Know your worth! Transferable skills are very important.
6. ALWAYS send a THANK YOU note. They are powerful and leave a lasting impression!
7. Always GIVE BACK! Be willing to help others – it will come back to you ten fold.
8. TAKE RISKS! Don’t be afraid to try new things.
9. Take TIME OUT each day from job searching to do something for yourself.
10. Stop stressing about being in transition. Enjoy the GIFT OF TIME you now have!

Again, “Congratulations” Anna! Thank you for following up with us and sharing your valuable advice.

ExecuNet Meetings at the Toronto Board of Trade will resume in September and the next Senior ExecuNet Meeting in Mississauga will be held Aug. 13th.  For further information or to register, please visit our home page – top right.

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