Gen Y and Networking

Randstad, a job placement agency, surveyed 6,600 employers and found 53% of managers feel that the search for employees is more difficult than it was in 2007.  According to Statistics Canada,  this trend will reach a turning point in 2016 when the number of people leaving the job market will be greater than the number of people entering it.  In response, companies will have to devise ways to attract new graduates.  Generation Y is showing expectations of good salaries, benefits and a respectful environment that  considers employees as partners rather than mere employees.

Randstad also reports close to 80% of jobs are not advertised and 94% of those asked, found their jobs through networking.  Sebastien Girard, regional manager for Randstad says, “We advise our clients to spread the word about their job search to as many people as possible” and he comments on the importance of Facebook as well as other social networks, newspapers, professional association websites, job search sites and job placement agencies.

For valuable tips on effective networking online and off check out Networking and Your Job Search.


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