Networking and Your Job Search

More jobs are found through networking than by any other means.  37 Ideas to Grow Your Job Search Network Right Now, is a must-read article for anyone, employed or not, providing a simple list of everything you need to do in order to grow your network online and offline.

Included in the list are #1. a simple email address, #5. & 6. join LinkedIn, #9. & 10. business cards and referrals, #16. follow industry blogs, #27. hire a career/job search coach, #37. use thank you notes.

Jacob Share, in concluding this article written for Job Action Day 2008, says, “Like a tree, a network requires caring and time to branch out to its full potential.  The more you invest in your network, the more you’ll get out of it.  Even if you can only afford a few minutes per day, start growing your nework as soon as you can and continue nurturing it until you need its fruits.”

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