Use Common Sense When Sharing Online Information

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, just to name a few, are websites that are available for anyone to share information online.  The following blogs, also just to name a few, have been written about sharing information online and the consequences, positive or negative that can result.  The basic message really is, use a little common sense when you post information to your online sites.

The Influence and the Power of Your Words

Online Posting and Your Reputation

Social vs. Professional Online Networking Sites

Hundreds of articles continue to show up regarding the demise of individuals who are not using common sense when posting information online.  Virgin Atlantic sacks 13 staff after Facebook criticism!  Yes, 13 of Virgin Atlantic’s cabin staff were sacked after they made a conscious decision to go online and criticize the company that employed them and the customers that support the company!  A spokesperson for Virgin Atlantic said, “There is a time and a place for Facebook.  But there is no justification for it to be used as a sounding board for staff of a company to criticise the very passengers who ultimately pay their salaries”.

Using a little common sense when sharing online information will help to serve your best interests, especially if consideration is given prior to posting it for the world to see.  News travels fast.


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