How to Get Yourself Headhunted

© Jakub Jirsák -
© Jakub Jirsák –

The key to attracting executive recruiters, sometimes called headhunters, is to be visible, visible, visible, and approachable, approachable, approachable.

With the advent of social media and the static and active platforms readily available today, it is a lot easier for the busy senior executive to manage their career. Ensure that when an executive recruiter is searching online for talent within your niche area of expertise, you will be high on their radar.

Without a web presence and a significant Google profile, a recruiter who has hunted you may lose interest once they are doing their due diligence to learn more about you. They want to see a clear and professional image across a number of websites and platforms.

The number one social media platform where you should always tell a true and compelling story about your career history is LinkedIn. One of the cardinal sins of career management is failure to update your profile even while gainfully employed.

Of the other three platforms, Google+ and Facebook should be utilized to a lesser degree, while Twitter is particularly crucial for communicators, marketers and sales leaders.

You also want to maintain a presence with a profile on static platforms such as, and

And of course you cannot negate trade shows, conventions and symposiums in your industry, where executive recruiters often troll the attendees list as they source talent. Sometimes they attend in person, while other times they just ask the conference organizer for a list of attendees.

Another medium to market yourself as an expert and attract attention is the content you share. Post links to high-quality industry-related articles, blogs (including your own) and websites, which could enhance your candidacy to be called for an interview and elevate your status as an expert.

If you are ever approached by an executive recruiter to meet with them in person, never ever miss out on that opportunity. The job may not be 100% fit for you, but at least you get face-to-face time with somebody who could manage your career for many years. Provide names of peers who would be the perfect candidate, or could generate other leads. Do this, and you will be remembered!

Want to capture the attention of a headhunter? Put yourself in a position to be hunted, polish your web presence to make the best impression, and be helpful and approachable when you get the chance to meet.

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