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Is an Executive MBA (EMBA) Worth the Investment?

Ask around and you will receive many answers to this question. Having more than a decade of experience working extensively with thousands of EMBA graduates and candidates, I can confidently say yes, it is worth the investment. But, simply graduating with this highly sought-after degree won’t advance your career unless you toot your own horn and advertise the fact that you have an EMBA.

If you are looking to advance your career to the C-suite or Vice President level and you want to sharpen your competitive edge, an Executive MBA program is for you. Different from an MBA program, the EMBA provides you the opportunity to work while completing your degree. Each program varies in their offering and timing, duration, size of cohort, how courses are taught, and entrance qualifications. In a nutshell, an EMBA degree will position you for rapid promotion in all major corporate functions and will provide you with all the tools and skills required to make you shine in a resume and on your LinkedIn profile.

The Cost of an EMBA

is an emba worth the investment
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It is not cheap and comes at a significant price, financially, time-wise and personally. The average cost of an EMBA program is over six figures. A top-tier program can cost significantly more. You need to see the ROI. Even on those most expensive programs, I am seeing clients who generate ROI on a $200,000 program in 28 – 30 months. But to see those results you must be prepared to engage in an aggressive job search campaign after completing the degree.

Get Buy-In

Before committing to an EMBA program, be clear in your mind and discuss with others what you hope to gain in skills and salary. Part of the investment is not only securing buy-in from your employer, because you will have to take time from work, but also getting buy-in from your family as they will have to compromise over you being present for up to 24 months, depending on the program length.

EMBA Career Support

A common complaint from EMBA candidates and graduates is a lack of career management support. Most of the business school funding is channelled into the full-time MBA students. To turn your degree into a meaningful channel to catapult your career to the highest level means not only self-sacrifice, but also a heavy dent in your bank balance. However, the benefits are enormous. An EMBA allows you to switch careers more easily because it has broadened your skill set and you can advance your career to the next level. There are programs around the world waiting for you. Discuss what value you will acquire upon graduation with the admissions team at your appointed business school. Don’t let this degree stagnate in your career. Let it propel you to new heights, new opportunities and new challenges.

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