What are Decision Makers Thinking During Your Interview?

What Are Decision Makers Thinking During an Interview?

As you approach an interview, it is natural to focus on how to make yourself look good. Your focus is primarily on the common behavioural interview questions and ensuring that your experience and expertise shines through. While that is important, it is beneficial to consider what the decision makers are thinking during the interview and making sure your answers speak to those questions.

Will this person be a good fit?

Every decision maker has this question on his/her mind. Your resume tells interviewers that you have the experience and skills to do the job, but the purpose of the interview process is to determine whether you will be a good fit for the company. Hiring influences have the task of deciding whether you will connect with your managers, your colleagues, and the culture of the organization.

Is this person a team player?

This is where those behavioural interview questions come into play to help decision makers determine your true viability as an employee. While your skills and experience make you a valuable candidate, they mean nothing if you do not work well with others. They want to determine if you can think outside the box to solve problems. During the interview, it imperative to your success that you illustrate how you value the input of other people who are on your team.

What are Decision Makers Thinking During Your Interview?Will this person make me look good?

If the person who will be managing you is on the interview panel, this is most definitely a question running through his/her mind. He/she needs to uncover whether you are efficient and effective or whether you are going to need to be micromanaged. Show you are a self-starter, and that you are reliable and eager to fulfill your duties. Make sure your references will substantiate your statements.

Does this person really want this job?

If you are not excited about this opportunity, it is evident through your tone and body language. Make sure you understand the responsibilities of the position and demonstrate your excitement about the possibility of joining the company.

Does this person believe in himself/herself?

Your interview is your opportunity to shine. Make sure your personality, expertise, and commitment are unmistakable in your responses and the questions you pose to the panel. If you do not believe in yourself, neither will they. Let them know why you are the best candidate for the position!


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