Job Interview Questions


Is your professional resume getting you in the door but you can’t get passed the job interview? Were you prepared and confident in providing answers to the job interview questions that were asked? There could be many reasons you were not considered as a potential candidate after your job interview and if you are not aware of the reason, ask! If you are unable to obtain an answer, take the time to carefully reassess the interview to ensure you’re not missing something that could result in another lost opportunity. Revisit the job interview with a  friend or colleague willing to help you with reverse role playing and put yourself in the position of the interviewer. Give consideration to the questions that were asked and the answers that you provided. You may or may not discover some valid reasons for being overlooked as a potential candidate and there is the possibility that the reason was beyond your control. In a competitive job market there may be many equally qualified candidates and the deciding factor could be as simple as a “gut feeling”! However, there is plenty that is within your control including that of a professional and confident demeanour, which has been recognized as highly influential by HR professionals and recruiters. Beyond your qualifications and experience, being prepared to answer the job interview questions you are likely to be asked is your best chance of landing your next  job.         

Interview Questions and Answers by Alison Doyle, About .com Guide provides an extensive list of interview questions by category, best answers and the reasons behind the questions being asked.   

You’ll find, Common Interview Questions and How to Answer Them, on by Penelope Trunk reviewing the 3 basic questions that you are sure to be asked in any job interview.  

Invest the time to review and provide confident and knowledgeable answers for the top job interview questions that are likely to be asked and you will be assured you have the competitive edge in your next job interview! 


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