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“Tis the season to firm up your job search plan! January 2010 will see the renewed energy of job seekers looking forward to a new year of opportunities and a year that is forecast to bring significant economic recovery. Are you ready?

“Devise the optimum plan”, written by John Pollack, quotes Laura Lockwood, job search specialist who says, “Any time of the year is a time to job search”. Many businesses may be looking forward to the holidays and allocating less time to speak to potential employees over the next couple of weeks so this could be an excellent time to revisit your job search plan. Don’t forget to share your plan with colleagues, friends or family, especially those on holidays who will have the luxury of offering you a little extra attention. You may receive some very valuable feedback during the holidays to improve or enhance your job search plan.

We’ve seen more and more positive news for job seekers over these past two months so now is not a time to turn you back on your job search.  The December Newsletter from Higher Bracket posts, “We have seen more postings, more logins and more activity this month than any other December in our history”. It goes on to say, “Last week was the busiest job posting week we have seen in the last 17 weeks. We now have more job openings on the site than we did in October of 2007!”. Monster provides a good article, “Turn Volunteer Work Into a Paid Job” . What better time of year to consider helping out a good cause?

Whether you are focusing on optimizing your job search plan, updating your resume or actively networking, don’t miss out on this opportunity to establish the necessary competitive edge and postion yourself to reap the rewards.

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