Job Search Strategy

From massive lay-offs to hiring frenzies. Who is hiring? Where are the jobs? How many recruiting agencies are searching to fill positions? Who are they? What positions are they trying to fill? Are there really that many job boards? Regardless of the answers to any of these questions, it is more critical to focus on a job search strategy that involves a strictly managed career path based on your ability, qualifications, aspirations, cultural fit, passion and goals. Take control of your job search by targeting specific organizations, companies, contacts and industries. External influences are beyond your control and although it is important to stay current, it is not possible to succeed in a job search based solely on economic indicators, predictions or job board postings that may or may not be valid.

Applying for jobs posted on job boards is the least effective job search strategy as it is estimated that only 3% to 4% of jobs are posted online so it is extremely important to manage your time wisely. The highest % of available jobs are hidden, which is why networking is the most effective job search initiative. Confidence is an extremely influential trait and highly regarded by recruiters and HR professionals. Combining a well managed career that clearly targets specific companies and positions with effective networking will result in a noticeable competitive edge in any job interview as you will most certainly be perceived as professional, confident, knowledgeable, qualified and enthusiastic. Applying for a job just because it is posted online will not provide you with the competitive edge that is required to land a job.

BNET has a great post by Suzzane Lucas, Unemployed? Then Don’t Bother Applying as long as you read beyond, “So, take a deep breath.”, as there are a few comments suggesting otherwise. The message concurs with applying for jobs you are qualified for, staying away from mindless applications and most importantly, network, network, network!

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