Lost Jobs – Increased Competition

What are you doing to compete in today’s fiercely competitive job market? Job losses in Canada have pushed the unemployment rate to 8.6% and the United States has reached double digits, currently at 10.2%. That translates to 1,587,400 potential job seekers in Canada and almost 16 million in the United States.


What will set you apart from candidates who are vying for the same position? Do you have a professional resume? Have you established your personal brand? What is your job search strategy? Is your career path clearly defined? Are you aware that 80% of jobs are found as a result of networking and only 3% from online job boards? Do you have a significant online presence? 


Any hesitation in addressing just one of these issues could result in a lost job opportunity and extend your job search beyond the most recent average of 10 months for an executive position. 


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