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twitter logo header1Real-time content provided by millions of individuals utilizing social media,  specifically Twitter has given power to the voice of the people like never before in our history. After an earthquake was felt by thousands of people, The Globe and Mail and CNN were contributing simply by retweeting tweets on Twitter provided by those witnessing the quake.

xkcd posted a great comic about Twitter in relation to the earthquake called, Seismic Waves.

There are 100 million users on Twitter and with the click of a button we have the ability to share tweets and links, or simply put, information about anything we choose to post online. The number of users adds credibility as seen when the first tweet was posted about the earthquake and then confirmed by other tweets that we had indeed felt the effects of an earthquake. Tweets were posted later in the day as storms blew in and a tornado touched down in Midland, Ontario. Further tweets that day were reporting the longest tennis match ever recorded.

It was an eventful day but regardless of these newsworthy tweets, Twitter is a user-friendly, social media site offering the ultimate resource to satisfy any interest. There is no fee required to sign up for a Twitter profile but it will require an investment of time and a strong commitment to establishing a suitable following. Also key to successfully utilizing all of the social media sites is a strong focus on engagement. Interacting with others requires establishing valuable relationships online. Choose to accept followers and follow individuals or businesses that are relative to your interests and goals.  

If you are currently in a job search, include details of what you are looking for in your bio and carefully consider the keywords you use to ensure they are common within the industry you are seeking a job. Use keywords to search for colleagues within the same industry. You will have the ability to find out about available jobs, connect with others and follow industry trends.    

If you have any questions about Twitter, Google it! Search results for Twitter Tips produced 325 millions results!

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