A STAR Resume

What do the stars in the sky have in common with job seekers?

There will always be some stars and some job seekers that will stand out from the others.

As a job seeker your challenge is to stand out from the competition and a STAR resume will make you shine bright by highlighting your greatest accomplishments. Your resume may contain some high profile companies and some impressive designations but it is your accomplishments that will have the greatest influence on a hiring professional setting you apart from the competition. Education does not guarantee drive or motivation just as a successful company is not proof that you as an employee were a confident leader. However, your accomplishments are a clear representation of your ability and potential value to an organization. If you were hired to reduce costs and increase profits and can provide details of your success, you will shine brightly in the eyes of a potential employer.

What is a STAR resume? It is a resume containing accomplishments that are clearly defined by the situation, task, action and result.

S T A RWhat are your successes that will impress a  decision maker to take note and select you as a potential candidate? Remember, anyone can say they increased profits so it is imperative that quantifiable details are provided. What was the situation? What task were you given? What action did you take and what were the subsequent results? If you follow this format to describe your accomplishments, you will succeed in standing out from the competition.

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