Social Media Quick Tips

It is true that maintaining your social media presence can be a very time consuming proposition but the following social media quick tips are extremely important and will only require a few seconds of your time on each of these sites.

Do you have a Linkedin profile? If so check out the following tip:

Quick Tip #1 – Sign in to Linkedin, select the “Profile” tab and under edit profile scroll down to “Public Profile”. This is the url for your profile and if you have not customized it yet, take a second to “edit” it in order to eliminate the extension such as, /a/98475/86 and leave your proper name, (subject to availability).    

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Do you have a Twitter profile? If so check out the following tip: 

Quick Tip #2 – Twitter provides a limited number of characters to describe who you are so if you have not added an address where further information about you is easily available do it now. Sign in to Twitter and go to “Settings”. Select “Profile”, scroll down to “Web” and enter an address that will open your web page, or your profile on Linkedin or Naymz or Google or Blogger or VisualCV or Facebook or …  

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Do you have a Facebook Page? If so check out the following tip:

Quick Tip #3 – Is your Facebook Page url the same name as the name of your page or do you still need to customize it? If so, go to Select the page and then enter the name you would like, (subject to availability). For example:

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