How Long Will You Be In Career Transition?

Are you currently in career transition and seeking an executive level position? If so, you have likely estimated the length of time you are expecting it will take to secure a new position and have set your goals accordingly. How have you determined this time frame? Although cited as a myth by some career professionals there are those who believe an approximate time frame can be established by allocating one month for every $10,000 in earnings. With little relevance it is surprising that it may be more accurate than you would think. The following represents 9 professionals from an independent networking group and how long they were in career transition.

Number of months spent in career transition to secure the positions as noted:

10 months – Manager Sales Support
9 months – Professional Services
18 months – Regional IT Manager
10 months – Manager, Finance and Operations
6 months – Project Manager
8 months – undisclosed
13 months – Marketing Director, Telecommunications
11 months – Country Sales Manager, Canada
15 months – Manager Sales Support & Marketing

All of these professionals fully expected to land their new positions within a much shorter time frame. Positive thinking is key to a successful job search but accepting the reality that a career transition could take a number of months and not weeks will allow you to fully prepare yourself, your family and your financial affairs enabling you to be fully engaged in a successful search. False hopes could lead to discouragement and disappointment negatively impacting your determination, confidence and productivity at this critical time.

No one can say for sure how long anyone will spend in career transition but securing the services of an Executive Career Management Professional will provide you with the opportunity to secure your next position within a shorter time frame. Consider the ROI in reducing your job search by one month or two or even three! Contact Elite Resumes to speak with Martin Buckland, to discuss the executive career management services available that will best assist you in your job search.

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