Politics and a Lesson on Personal Branding

Paul Copcutt shared his Tuesday Toonie, “Vote for ME – you know it makes sense!” with a personal branding message that’s clear and simple. Those of you with or without political aspirations will no doubt have learned from this year’s Municipal Elections, more than any in our past, that the less said, the better. Many may still be wondering how so many candidates with shady pasts, little experience and poor track records were able to get voted in. In many of our communities, it was not an intellectual or elaborate political stand that earned the votes. It wasn’t a clean record free of assault or drug charges or an absence of a personal agenda that influenced voters. It was not a community minded individual or someone committed to charitable work, environmental awareness or sustainability that garnered the votes. In most cases it was a clear and SIMPLE message that overshadowed everything else.

A consistent and clearly understood tag line that enhances your brand is as critical to the success of your career as it is to the success of a political campaign. Thankfully, hiring professionals have an interest in a little more than a simple message and your experience, education and accomplishments will also be of value in your job search, however it is still important to recognize the impact that clearly defined goals and objectives will have on your career.

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