Good Reasons to Hire a Professional

Hear are 20 good reasons to hire a professional to write your resume:

1.   You don’t know all the answers because you are not an expert in career management.

2.   You are interested in a marketing position but don’t believe in branding.

3.   You question the draft of your resume because there are no weaknesses listed.

4.   You believe an HR professional is interested in which sports you like.

5.   You don’t think you should provide any contact details.

6.   You think a 10 page resume will be impressive.

7.   You are seeking a job but don’t have a Linkedin profile.

8.   Your job search strategy consists solely of online job boards.

9.   You have no idea that networking is the number one job search tool.

10. You do not know what personal branding is.

11.  You’ve never heard of a tag line.

12.  You think a pain cover letter will hurt someone.

13.  You still have your 10 year old email address,

14.  You remember your past responsibilities but forget what your accomplishments were.

15.  The most intriguing action verbs you can come up with are Developed and Managed.

16.  You are shy, reserved, introverted or lack confidence.

17.  You are afraid of rejection.

18.  Your experience is in manufacturing and you want to transition into health care.

19.  Your network does not consist of HR professionals or recruiters. 

20.  You are not a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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