Will Your Resume Get You In The Door?

Your resume will get you in the door or it will not! Some believe their expertise on their resume will guarantee them the opportunity to walk through the door for a job interview. And there are those who believe their well written cover letter will get their foot in the door. Others feel that writing a resume to match the job description is the key. So why does it not open the door? Why have you not been contacted for a job interview?

The first step in the process for a  Recruiter or HR professional is to eliminate candidates from the huge stack of resumes in their inbox by checking resumes for spelling, grammatical and formatting errors. If your resume contains any errors, it will not get you in the door. Even though most are aware of this information, HR Professionals continue to receive resumes destined for the recycle bin. Recently, over 300 applications were submitted for a senior level project management position and 20% of those were turned down because of spelling mistakes or formatting issues even though they may have been qualified for the position.

With hundreds or even thousands of resumes, the number one goal is to reduce the number of potential candidates to a manageable level to begin scheduling job interviews. Your qualifications will only be significant once your resume has passed through the process to check for spelling, grammar, formatting, appearance, keywords and missing information. I recently received an email from someone who had intentionally left out past work history and graduation years and said they were pleased to hear that some “HR folk” spend time digging around.

You can be assured that the process of elimination for most HR professionals and Recruiters is expedient and  includes dropping anyone who submits a resume with missing information. Do you believe you will be perceived as an ideal candidate by showing that you have something to hide? Your resume must pass through every process to put you within the top percentile if you are going to be given an opportunity to walk through that door for a job interview. It is safe to say that you will very likely see your online presence visited but it’s also safe to say that this will only happen after your resume has made it through the many processes designed to eliminate you from the competition.

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