Professional Resume Writing 101-19

Professional Resume Writing – Who and what is reading it?

The purpose of your resume is to entice the reader and inspire them to call you for an interview. Savvy job seekers will pay attention to who, as well as what, is reading their resume, understanding that there is a high probability that it will be electronically scanned.

Your resume is not simply a list of your past positions and if you want to be noticed, attention must be given to language, style and tone. Use crisp, succinct and direct language avoiding poetic, bureaucratic, vernacular and academic terms that often tend to turn off readers.

Do not refer to yourself as “I” or “me” on your resume. This is acceptable only in a cover letter. Always use action verbs and parallel sentence structure. Do not use introductory and wind-up phrases like, “My duties included…” or “Position description reads as follows…”.

If you want to increase your probability of being “electronically acceptable” to employers, you need to pay particular attention to the specific language you select for your resume. When scanning resumes electronically, employers select certain keywords.  Are those keywords in your resume?

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