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Professional Resume Writing – Sell!

Sell, sell, sell!  That is what you need to do in a resume; sell yourself. Unfortunately, it is not an easy thing for most people to do. In my experience as a Certified Professional Resume Writer, even the most successful sales person is still not skilled at selling themself.

It is actually quite common that we have the ability to recognize the positive qualities and talents of others more so than our own. It is not in our nature to brag about ourselves and certainly as Canadians we are often considered a very passive nation. I’ve often said, “I have the best job in the world”, because it is my job to uncover all of the wonderful accomplishments and talents of my clients. Whether writing a resume, career coaching, providing leads to clients or following up with recruiters it is all positive!

The success of my clients is my reward. It is welcome news when a client sends out their professional resume to five potential employers and it results in four job interviews! As a fearless networker, I am also willing and able to connect people and recently was able to refer a client to the recruiter as well as the hiring company. His professional resume “sold” him. Our combined networking “sold” him and he “sold” himself in a number of interviews becoming the company’s new President!

Elite ResumesAs a Certified Professional Resume Writer, I have had the opportunity to assist clients from all over the world to sell themselves and achieve positive results in their career search/transition. Is your resume selling you? Don’t miss out on an opportunity! Email me for free resume critique today!

Martin Buckland

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