Professional Resume Writing 101-21

Professional  Resume Writing – Powerful Language

When writing your resume it is imperative that you focus on what a Hiring Professional is looking for. The most powerful language you can use in your resume is the use of action verbs to describe your accomplishments. Take action and go beyond “assigned duties and responsibilities”. Highlight your detailed accomplishments with action verbs and quantify to prove your ability to increase profits or eliminate problems and you will get the attention of the hiring professional.

Everyone has a history of responsibilities but it is your accomplishments that will set you apart from the competition. Instead of, “Responsible for product sales”, try, “Re-engineered operations enterprise-wide to net over $1 million in additional profits” or “Achieved a nationally unprecedented 50 percent increase for product placed in field”.

The following examples show further examples of clearly articulated accomplishments;

“Directed Chamber of Commerce membership drive that yielded a record 125 new members in a 24-hour period.”
“Introduced and implemented inventory software reducing costs of physical inventory counts by 50%.”
“Created marketing strategies to address fluctuating market conditions during critical economic period and led company campaign increases peaking at as much as 153%.”

Elite ResumesEveryone has responsibilities but not everyone has been successful in carrying out those responsibilities. There are also those who have not presented their accomplishments effectively in their resume. Find out before you send out your resume if you have included the necessary powerful language by acquiring a free resume critique from a Certified Professional Resume Writer.

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