Professional Resume Writing 101-22

Professional Resume Writing – “Professional” Image

If there is one word that would describe what a hiring manager or recruiter is seeking, it is “Professional“. What makes a resume professional? What makes a cover letter professional? How do you portray a professional image?

Let’s start by listing some of the top pet peeves relayed by hiring managers and recruiters about resumes:

Listing personal interests and activities
Over 3 pages long
Lacking contact information
Containing invalid contact information
A resume attachment named res0845.doc
Photos (unless the position is based on personal appearance)
An inappropriate email address

If your resume puts you on the pet peeves list, you will not succeed in portraying a professional image because you haven’t submitted a professional resume.

A professional cover letter must accompany a resume, contain content indicating your research into the company and position, the reason for sending it and a contact name if possible.

If you have managed to maintain a professional image by presenting a professional resume and cover letter your next step is the job interview. Professional attire, including a tie for the men, arriving on time, a firm handshake, allowing the interviewer to ask questions and listening carefully will all be contributing factors to maintaining a professional image.

For some, this will seem like pretty basic information. But Hiring Professionals and Recruiters will confirm that for the majority of job seekers, professional documents, attire and behaviour are all areas that require a great deal of attention. Always ask friends, relatives, colleagues and professionals for their opinion. You may be quite surprised at their point of view and if you are unable to present a professional image to those you know, how well will you do with a total stranger?

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