Professional Resume Writing 101-5

Your Resume – Opportunity or Elimination

A potential employer is investing only a few seconds when reviewing your resume hoping to find a match between your work history, knowledge and skills, education, training and achievements and their requirements. If found, you will receive the opportunity of a job interview.

They are also looking for any reason to eliminate you from a long list of candidates.  Here are just a few of the common resume writing mistakes that could take you out of the running:

Information is not relevant to the job
Wordy, vague, unfocused, rambling
Focuses on responsibilities rather than achievements
Lacks performance results – concrete ways your employers benefited from your skills
No examples of achievements or success – awards and promotions
Lacks hard numbers to back up achievements
Work history is spotty, fraudulent or missing
Education is overemphasized
Crucial skills are buried and hard to find
Layout is too difficult to read quickly
Typos, poor grammar, outdated terminology

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