Professional Resume Writing 101-6

Professional Resume Writing – Catch the Attention

There are many techniques available to entice a potential employer to read your resume and to enliven the reading process.

The reader of your resume has neither the time or the inclination to read your sentences twice to obtain a clear understanding. To ensure this doesn’t happen, keep your sentences under 20 words. A good average is 15 words and if it is too long, shorten it by restructuring or by creating two sentences.

Catch the attention of the reader by using verb phrases to describe what you have done on various jobs.  Avoid entirely the use of first person, “I” and “me” and minimize the use of articles, (a, an, the).

Action verbs will portray yourself as someone who is active, uses your brain and gets the job done!  Create a dynamic message and motivate the potential employer to read on. Action words will also allow the reader to quickly and clearly understand the value of your contributions.

Consider the following action verbs, keeping in mind that there are many options available so don’t repeat the same word on your resume:

Evaluated sales performance……
Performed on-the-spot-negotiations……
Salvaged multi-million dollar problem account……
Planned, Established, Demonstrated, Introduced, Devised, Restructured, Formulated, Negotiated, Programmed, Revitalized, Achieved, Engineered, Coordinated, Integrated, Streamlined……

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