Job Search Advice After Landing

There is no better job search advice than that which is provided by those who have successfully landed a job. Their experiences can provide a wealth of knowledge and encouragement for those who are still seeking a new job.

The following advice has been shared after landing a new job:

  • Persistence! Persistent follow-up with prospective employers is necessary but don’t expect that it will result in all of the answers you are looking for. 
  • Sometimes I found out what happened and sometimes I just never heard from the employer again despite persistent follow-up on my part. Sometimes I received the “thanks but no thanks” email months later. 
  • Landed after 7 months, 229 applications and 304 new network contacts!  
  • Landed after 10 months of searching as a result of an email from a member of the same networking group.
  • Stay positive. With the ups and downs associated with a job search, the best way to stay motivated and not give in to discouragement is to stay positive. Believe in yourself and the value you have to offer.    
  • Volunteer. The old adage, “the more you do, the more you can do” will keep up your energy and volunteering will generate new contacts and boost your self esteem. It’s a win win proposition. 
  • Build your network – After 7 months of building my network, I was usually connected to someone who knew someone at most companies that I was applying to.
  • The process, (job search) was at best an exciting opportunity and at worst, frustrating when it felt like my efforts weren’t paying off. After 5 months of searching I have landed a position.
  • Patience! After applying for an online job posting, it took over two months before I was contacted by the potential employer for an interview. It was almost another month before I received a job offer!
  • Don’t get discouraged. Before landing my job there were many ups and downs through this process. At least three times I thought I was close and then circumstances changed or a more suitable candidate was chosen.
  • Through it all, I learned not to take it personally and to continue to believe that in the next hour or day, I was going to get the phone call or email that would lead to my next success. 
  • Taking on speaking roles at networking meetings helped me to become known to a large audience very quickly, increasing my presence and my opportunities. I believe it helped me to land my job quicker. 
  • Acceptance – Accepting that you are in transition as soon as possible is the only way you will be able to start doing the things you need to do to move to your next success. It will take time to find the right role for you.
  • Thankfully, so many of the positions I applied for or interviewed for fell through, otherwise I would not have ended up with my dream job!

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