Resume Critiques Are a Must

How many people have you asked to review your resume prior to sending it out to decision makers? Your professional resume is your key to open doors but once it has failed to open a door you have forfeited an opportunity that may have provided you with the job interview of a lifetime!

HR professionals and recruiters receive an enormous number of resumes limiting their time for review to little more than a few seconds and creating the necessity to reduce those numbers to a manageable level. Will your resume survive through this elimination process?

Don’t take any chances. Send your resume to friends, colleagues, family members and professional resume writers to obtain a free critique before you put it in the hands of an eliminator! Carefully consider all feedback and the majority of responses. Do they like the look and layout of information? Were they able to get back to you easily with the contact information you provided? Is your resume free of typos and white space? Did you receive any questions about the information you provided, employment gaps or missing dates?

Don’t miss out on opening a door with your resume! Obtain a free resume critique.

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