Resume Writing – FAQ’s

Are you able to answer the following, frequently asked questions about resume writing?

How many pages should my resume be?

Do I need to list references on my resume?

Should I list all 20 of my previous jobs?

Is there a particular font that is more acceptable than others?

I’ve heard that you shouldn’t underline anything on a resume.  Is this true and why?

Is it acceptable to use abbreviations?

Do you include high school info in a resume?

Should I include the political and religious organizations I am involved with?

Should a resume for an undergraduate be kept to one page?

Is it necessary to include an objective?

Should the education section always appear at the end of the resume?

What type of results should I be expecting from my resume?

Is it acceptable to have more than one type of resume?

How should I list the degrees I have acquired from other countries?

Should I list my hobbies and interests to let a potential employer get to know me a little better?

What is the difference between a Functional and a Chronological resume?

How do I show my personal brand in my resume?

Is a tag line important?

Why shouldn’t I use resume.doc when naming my resume?

Do I need to include my customized Linkedin url on my resume?

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