Resume Writing Tips

Resume Writing in 2009 is not quite the same as it was as few as five years ago! Your competitive advantage still hinges on a professional resume but is it up-to-date? Here are a few tips to ensure your resume is up-to-date and keeps you in the running:

Do not include basic computer skills. If you are not computer literate in 2009 you are not employable.

Be sure to include your Linkedin url with your email address as part of your ID at the top of your resume. Customize yourLinkedin url to include your name and if your email address is still, change it! 

Include quantifiable, impressive accomplishments. Do not include a list of job responsibilities. “Managing 20 staff” is irrelevant unless you can say you reduced staff turnover by 30% in the first year or led the team to increase productivity by 25% within the first 6 months.

The background formatting of your resume is critical because it will likely be electronically scanned prior to falling into the hands of any decision makers. If you did not have your resume professionally prepared, Notepad is a source code editor for Windows providing a free tool that will strip away graphics, underlining, custom fonts, etc. that could interfere with the scanning of your resume. 

Finally, the name you put on your resume will be googled. Do you know what results will be seen by the decision maker?

If your resume is not up-to-date, contact Martin Buckland, Certified Professional Resume Writer for your free resume critique.   

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