Job Search Advice From Lessons Learned

Job Search advice is available from a variety of mediums and many an expert but none seems as valuable or as heartfelt as the advice provided by those after they’ve landed their new job based on lessons learned!  HAPPEN is a leading Canadian Networking organization providing an excellent venue for those seeking employment to share leads, advice and eventually the celebratory events of landing the job!

Sharing experiences and supporting each other through career transition has a tendency to create strong emotional ties and those who land their jobs are unlikely to leave without giving back by sharing their job search, “lessons learned” advice with the utmost of sincerity and hope that they too, will land their next job in the very near future.

Here is some job search advice based on “lessons learned” offered by those after landing their jobs:  

  • Find your passion!
  • Never turn down an opportunity and follow every job lead that comes your way.
  • Attend HAPPEN meetings and meet lots of great cheerleaders, therapists, career advisers, friends, people who will give you honest feedback, a kick in the pants, a shoulder to lean on.
  • Network! Network! Network!
  • Never give up! Stay positive! There is something out there for all of us!
  • Be open to advice but be true to yourself and your uniqueness.
  • Pay it forward, give without thinking, and it will always come back to you!
  • Listen to the inner voice that says “YES YOU CAN!” and tell the
    other voice to SHUT UP!!
  • Help others in every little way you can.
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