New Realities in Today’s Job Search

Wallace Immen writes, “JOB HUNTING 101… A Guide For The New Realities of These Tougher Times” for the Globe and Mail. According to career coaches, Ward Garven, Stanton Chase Int’l; Wayne Pagani, WP Consulting Assoc; Sharon Graham, Graham Managment; Molly Fletcher; Heidi Allison, Allison & Talylor Inc and Cassandra Gierden, Profit Coaching, it is safe to say times have changed when it comes to your job search!

It’s out with the old and in with the “new” reality tips from these career coaches:

Old – “Stick to what you know”.
New – “Convince them there’s nothing you can’t do.”

Old – “Call or get together with everyone you can.”
New – “Use technology, especially social networking sites , to spread the word and even let employers find you.”

Old – “A resume is a document for the records, not a requirement for getting in the door.”
New – “A resume must scream your value or it will hit the trash.”

Old – “Don’t be a nag.”
New – “Remind them over and over of your value.”

Old – “Former employers can only confirm basic facts, so references are really a formatilty.”
New – “References are a make-or-break essential.”

Old – “If they want you they’ll pay up.”
New – “The lid is on salary offers, but you should still negotiate for extras.”

Old – “Hold out for your dream job.”
New – Jobs are tight. You may have to compromise, but you don’t have to give up your dream.”

“Ten Steps to Find a New Job”, by Alison Doyle, provides more excellent tips and stategies for today’s job search.

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