An Online Presence and Your Career

An online presence continues to evolve into the most influential factor in the success of your career! In an article, The Boom of Social Sites and Personal Branding, Chad Levitt writes, In the next decade, the best opportunities will go to those that have created their personal brands and are seen as leaders in their niche.” He goes on to say, “The most credible and visible personal brands will stand the greatest odds of success in an increasingly online and competitive world

If you are still questioning the influence and the power of an online presence, google Gary Vaynerchuk or read his book, Why Now Is The Time To CRUSH IT! Cash In On Your Passion. ABC News called him the “Social Media Sommelier”. He truly understands the power of the Internet and his enormous success is proof of that.

Trust Agents, Using the Web to Build Influence, Improve Reputation, And Earn Trust, written by Chris Brogan and Julien Smith is another excellent book providing more evidence on the power of the Web and social networks.

If these experts can’t convince you, how about someone who was a complete unknown in April of this year? On April 15th I posted, First Impressions and on that date, Susan Boyle had been viewed on YouTube 5 million times in three days. Today, over 300 million people have viewed her on that YouTube video and sales of her first album release have surpassed all records including topping Amazon’s bestseller list, three months before it was released! Yes, her voice is amazing, but without the Internet, how many people would she have influenced?

The opportunity to embrace the power of the Internet is available to everyone and social media, unlike print or television and radio media is free. Your online presence will be the driving force in the success of your career. Are you utilizing these resources to successfully manage your career?

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