Cover Letter Survey

One of my recent posts, “You Need a Cover Letter!” was based on personal experience and knowledge.  If you had any doubts of the importance of a cover letter or are one of many job seekers who believe a formal cover letter is no longer neccessary, read on.

A new study conducted by an independent research firm and developed by OfficeTeam shows 93% of senior executives feel that a cover letter is valuable when evaluating prospective job candidates.

Dave Willmer, executive director of OfficeTeam said, “Submitting a resume without a cover letter is like not shaking hands when meeting someone for the first time.” “Those who aren’t including cover letters with their resume are missing an opportunity to make a good first impression and set themselves apart from other job applicants.”

A meeting without a greeting, a bagel without cream cheese, a roller coaster without an incline, prime rib without horseradish, a shirt without trousers, salt without pepper, a resume without a cover letter?  It’s just not right!


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