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Word of mouth in the form of endorsements, testimonials, validations or references is by far the most influential promotional tool available. It is more powerful than any other available marketing initiative and the fact that it is free adds to credibility. Managing a career or promoting a business requires a conscious effort to obtain positive feedback in order to establish a reputation that will attract opportunities for advancement or increase sales of  a service or product. 

More often than not, we are faced with the task of asking for an endorsement or testimonial and find it to be an unpleasant task, especially when it becomes necessary to follow up with further requests. This is not a time to be humble so if it seems a difficult endeavour it may require some additional preparation to increase your self esteem. Your resume is your personalized marketing tool and will help boost your confidence by reviewing your many accomplishments. It has also become acceptable to offer to write your own testimonial and provide it as a draft to lessen the inconvenience for the referrer. Writing about your expertise, valuable skills and abilities will also help to inspire and add the encouragement that might be necessary to overcome any reservations.   

Perhaps the best reference is one that is not requested and is received quite unexpectedly. Recently, it was my pleasure to read a blog posted by Susan Crossman of Crossman Communications which referred to a “terrific presentation” that I gave on resume writing. Not only is this positive feedback appreciated but it is also highly valued as it comes from an expert in communication! The details Susan provides are also a validation that my message was clearly relayed. Thanks Susan!


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