Social Media and Your Reputation

Social media has provided a forum that resonates authenticity and transparency. Are you using it accordingly to develop a genuine and credible profile? Or have you chosen to hide behind an artificial image and an alias for a name?

Default Image FacebookDefault Image TwitterDefault Image LinkedinAll social media profiles require two basic pieces of information, a photo/image and a name. If you are creating a personal profile it is highly recommended that you add a professional photo. If a company or business profile is being created be sure to replace the default image with the organization’s name or logo. Software programs, digital cameras and step by step instructions leave little excuse for not updating the default images other than you just couldn’t be bothered, you’re extemely insecure or you have something to hide, none of which are impressions you want to create for yourself or your business.  

If you are not managing a professional career and have no interest in being taken seriously, a character image may be acceptable but if you intend to earn trust and respect, step up to to the plate and put your face forward. Character ImageIn this world of virtual reality it is more critical than ever to present a truly genuine, authentic and transparent portrayal of yourself. After all, if you are not sharing an accurate image of yourself, is it realistic to expect the content you’re sharing should be deemed credible? Have you included your proper name or are you leaving online comments using an alias? Do you have something to hide or do you lack the confidence to stand behind your words?

Utilizing social media to launch a reputable and professional online presence requires consistency in the use of a professional photo, proper name and accurate content. 

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