Online Sites Not Just For Your Job Search

Yesterday I wrote about the misconceptions surrounding the job of a recruiter in, “Head Hunters, Search Firms and Recruiters. What do they really do?” At the same time, it came to my attention that there seem to be just as many misconceptions about the purpose of online web sites as there are about recruiters.

In each of the following articles 50 of the top online web sites are listed. There is little variance in the top web sites that are provided, however, each of the articles are written to attract readers with very different interests, which should dispell the misconception that the people on these sites are only those who are searching for a job.  Whether you are interested in social media, managing a business or job seeking, there are few sites that you would want to rule out. “Personal Management” is the name of the topic given to one of the articles and seems very appropriate when referring to these online sites.

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Top 50 Web 2.0 Tools for Job Seekers

These days, if you want to be found, you need to be online!  That’s not to say that the purpose of these sites is solely to provide an opportunity to be found by a potential employer.  Whether on a professional site or a social site, and the differentiation is narrowing by the hour, such as LinkedIn, Naymz or Facebook, you are among millions of users.  Some will post their needs and and some may not but whether they are searching for a job, a friend, a relative, customers, information, references or professional colleagues they could all very well be on the same online site.  Even the online sites specifically related to job seekers, such as Monster and Workopolis do not consist solely of those seeking a job, since there are no rules to remove your posted resume upon becoming employed.  In fact, maintaining your resume online may provide you with further opportunities and could shorten the length of an unexpected job search.


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