Passion and Goals

The Top 20 Business Women in 2009, share their most valuable advise showing a common thread of passion and goals. Each year Women’s Post selects the top 20 women of the year, noting this year’s selection “all reflect strength, ingenuity, and confidence while contributing not only to society, but to the success of women in the workplace”.

There is no better advice than that which is offered by those who have experienced much success in their careers. Women’s Post clearly portrays these executives and entrepreneurs including, Bonnie Brooks, CEO Hudson’s Bay, Stacey Mowbray, President, Second Cup Coffee, Jennifer Wright, activist and founder of Green Shift and  Catherine Fennel, founder of Market Yourself Smarter, launching videoBio and SWING Think, just to name a few.

Here are a few snippets of advise from The Top 20 Business Women in 2009 from Women’s Post:

  • “…a commitment to being authentic and transparent…”
  • “…pleasing customers is the bottom line…”
  • “…be the change you wish to be…”
  • “…seek out networking opportunities…”
  • “…you only get back what you give…”
  • “…always be honest, direct, and kind…”
  • “…find your passion and you’ll never lack motivation…”
  • “…set small achievable goals…”
  • “…find your own passion…”
  • “…stay motivated by setting short and long term goals…”
  • “…be committed to your passion…”
  • “…keep your eye on the goal…”
  • “…focus on what I love to do…help others along the way…”

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