“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

In our complex and ever changing society we sometimes need to be reminded to keep it simple!  When writing a professional resume, the ultimate goal is to entice an employer to read it and inspire them to call you for a job interview. To achieve this you must create a positive impression with an easy to read document consisting of clear and concise information.

HR professionals and recruiters will not allocate extra time to decipher a complex five page document. Your professional resume should be one to two pages and no more than three if experience warrants it. Less is better. It is designed to generate interest to get you the interview, not the job. Concentrate on real skills and accomplishments and avoid irrelevant information, “fluff” or “canned” resume language. If in doubt, leave it out. Keep it factual and quantify your achievements. Where words have the potential to add confusion, numbers offer clarification.

Simple, bold and clear!  The most impressive resume is one that resonates with clarity and confidence. Avoid fancy fonts, artwork borders and underlining. Keep bullets and fonts consistent in size and type. Plain and simple is professional!

In addition to keeping it simple, keep in mind that your resume, although all about you, needs to impress upon the reader that it is all about them, as your resume will be the proof they need to believe that you have the ability to resolve all of their problems.

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