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Staying current and up to date will likely be the most influential component in the success of your future career. ExecuNet, GRAY MATTERS: Experienced Executives Gaining The Edge, provides an extensive and valuable career guide for “senior” executives in today’s job market. Despite the ageing workforce, age discrimination in the workplace continues to increase. Identifying it and learning strategies to help limit this age-related bias during the job search are critical to managing an executive career.

Last year, employment descrimination claims increased by 15% but specifically, age descrimination charges increased by 29% according to The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. ExecuNet surveyed 287 executives, 71% indicated that age discrimination is a serious problem and in ExecuNet’s 2009 Executive Job Market Intelligence Report, 44% of senior level executives surveyed agreed that their age will affect their ability to land their next position, an increase of 33% over last year.

Dave Opton, CEO and Founder of ExecuNet shares his own personal experience noting age discrimination is alive and well, but not insurmountable. He says, “What does convince employers (at nearly any age is projecting energy, commitment and genuine interest in the opportunity at hand. An up-to-date shirt, good grooming and eye glasses from this century don’t hurt either.”

Further advice offered by ExecuNet members includes, keeping up to date on practices and new ideas, dress in current and stylish fashion, stay fit, look healthy, keep current with the culture, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter and technology. Hiring professionals are more likely to hire someone not unlike themselves so if your attire is more similar to what their great grandfather would wear, you’ve never heard of a tweet and you think American Idol is a reference to Marilyn Monroe, don’t expect a second interview.


Martin Buckland has been facilitating ExecuNet networking meetings in Canada since 1999. For upcoming dates and venues visit ExecuNet.

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