Top 10 Professional Resume Writing Tips for 2010

The top 10 professional resume writing tips offered as we move into 2010 are different from those from ten years ago, five years ago, one year ago and even as little as a few months ago. And for this reason the number 1 resume writing tip is to keep your resume current. Please check the complete list as follows:

  1. Keep your professional resume current
  2. Include your email address and Linkedin address with your contact details
  3. List quantifiable accomplishments, not responsibilities and duties
  4. Use your proper name as the file name for your resume when submitting online
  5. Do not underline or use unusual graphics, symbols or fonts that could be lost on another system
  6. Be sure to include the significant keywords related to your industry for computer scanning
  7. References need to be available online, not on your resume
  8. Details on your resume must be consistent with those found on Linkedin, Visual CV, Naymz, Zoominfo, etc.
  9. Content should be relevant, concise and list all dates without gaps on one to three pages depending on experience
  10. Ensure your file name for your cover letter also includes your proper name and submit it with your resume according to instructions which may require submitting one document rather than two separate documents

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