Privacy and Your Online Presence

Recently I posted, Social Networking Sites and Your Job Search. Basically, I wanted to caution job searchers about being somewhat discrete with the personal information they choose to share online since it could have a negative impact on their job search.

Today, I’d like to talk about the information that you had better be willing to share or you will be wasting your time in creating an online profile or resume. “Privacy” has been one of the biggest “make work” projects that our Canadian government has legislated in the last decade and has cost businesses millions to implement privacy policies. I only mention this because it may or may not be the reason that some individuals in the job search market seem to have consciously decided to create an online profile or resume that discloses little or no information.

Are you online and attracting the attention of Hiring Managers? provides further information on the importance of creating an impressive online presence. If you are interested in being found, you better be willing to sell yourself with everything you have! A hiring manager will never find you without a comprehensive profile and if you have decided to leave out pertinent information for whatever reason, it will not be perceived as an act of privacy – it will be perceived as someone who has something to hide.

“The further you stick your head above the water, the more opportunities you will have!”

Whether you are creating an online profile or a resume, nothing is more critical than selling yourself.  If you choose to leave out pertinent information, do you think you will be noticed by a potential employer?

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