Questions For The Recruiter

Higher Bracket, a leading executive job board recently shared an article, “8 Questions To Ask A Headhunter”. It is common that the recruiter/headhunter will have lots of questions for you but are you aware of the questions you should be asking them?  It is important for the recruiter to discover if you will meet their needs as a potential candidate but equally as important for you to discover if the recruiter will meet your needs in building your career.

Prior to disclosing any information, it is suggested that you find out who you are dealing with, including the company name and how long they have been in business. By asking if they are the only recruitment firm working on the search you will discover if they have been retained to fill a specific position or are acting on a contingency basis.  How did they find you and if they found your resume, what is it that stood out and is it a current version? Ask for a copy of the job description and by asking about the company culture you may be able to discover if they have a good relationship with the decision makers.

Anthony Kaul, Founder and CEO of, says “There are countless questions to ask when assessing a recruiter, but the above, ( “8 Questions To Ask A Headhunter”),will help you figure out if this is someone who you want representing you to potential new opportunities”.

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