Refresh, Renew, Stay Current

How competitive are you in today’s job market? Will you or your resume appear outdated? How familiar are you with today’s technology, fashion trends, terminology, favourite TV shows and social media? Lisa Johnson Mandell, author of Career Comeback, Repackage Yourself to Get the Job You Want, includes the following quote by Casey Stengel, “The trick is growing up without growing old.” This book is an excellent resource for anyone seeking a competitive edge in today’s job market and provides hundreds of tips to refresh, renew and stay current.

In the past, branding was a term that would have been more familiar to most when referencing a product rather than an individual. Today, a personal branding strategy is a critical component in managing any executive career. An expert in Personal Branding, Paul Copcutt offers advice on promoting your brand in, “How do you communicate your personal brand via social media?”

Whether marketing a product for a large corporation or marketing yourself for a new executive position, it requires fresh new ideas and above all staying current. A candidate who has not changed their own appearance in 30 years is unlikely to give the impression to a potential employer that they are open to embracing new trends or have the forward thinking necessary to move their organization in a positive direction. You’ve likely traded in the vehicle you drove in the 70’s and acquired a new wardrobe but have you changed your hair style or removed the mustache or beard you were so proud to have been able to grow 30 years ago? Invest in updating your appearance and obtaining new professional profile photos. Not only is it guaranteed to improve your self esteem but you will likely appear more professional, confident and younger!

How long has it been since you updated your resume, your personal appearance, your education or your network of professionals? The odds of acquiring a new position will increase dramatically if your mindset is one of enthusiasm, confidence and a genuine desire to embrace new challenges and implement positive changes. Consider the services of an Executive Career Management Professional to refresh, renew and stay current.

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