Resilience is Key to Success

ExecuNet’s CareerSmart Advisor, Strategies & Solutions for Your Career Success provides an interesting article in their August issue written by Alisa Cohn, “Research, Reinvention, Resilience: The Three Rs of Career Success”.

In researching opportunities, Alisa Cohn said, “This Research includes a reflective look in the mirror and a scan of the environment; who you are and where should you be positioning yourself”.  This may result in new ideas and require the Reinvention of yourself to get to where you’re going by building new skills or experiences.  Not many have reinvented themselves to the extent that Madonna has but that is another blog.

Alisa Cohn’s most interesting “R” and certainly a key to success is Resilience.  Research shows that resilience is one of the top qualities leading to success.  Increasing your resiliency allows you to stay focused more on problem solving rather than the problem.  It gives you the ability to bounce back more quickly from setbacks and more importantly, to try again.  Richard Branson’s autobiography is a story of resilience and success.  Not all of us are born resilient but we do have the ability to develop it.  How resilient are you?

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