Smile and Have a Nice Day!

SmileWhen was the last time you were on the phone with someone you were not acquainted with and at the end of the conversation they said, “Have a nice day!” and meant it? Did you smile and reciprocate? It should not be a rare occasion to receive or send a call or message that generates a smile. It’s in everyone’s best interest to establish a positive and lasting first impression and it requires little time or effort to simply brighten someone’s day.

Many cold calls and messages are initiated in an attempt to acquire services or advice and more often than not,  little consideration is given to the individual answering the call or the impression that will be left with them. Perhaps it is simply the narrow focus on accomplishing the task at hand that hinders the human connection. Agreed, it is difficult to smile when expectations are of a recorded message at the other end of the line and usually one that consumes a great deal more time than we wish to allocate. For many, it will require a conscious effort but it is worth the investment of a few seconds to smile prior to making or receiving a call and to add a thoughtful comment such as “Enjoy your day!” at the end of your conversation or message.

We sometimes find ourselves overloaded with information, frustrated with technology or wishing for more hours in a day. It’s too easy to get caught up in the fast pace of the day and with so much interaction occurring online, it is more important now than ever before to make a conscious effort to interact with others in a solicitous and pleasant manner. Before you pick up the phone, smile! There is little that will influence a positive response more than a smile whether it is seen or felt. Your call or message will be welcomed and you will generate a positive first impression; one that will be remembered.

Professional letters such as resume cover letters require a more formal salutation such as sincerely or sincerely yours, but for other letters, emails, text messages and social media correspondence an informal salutation is acceptable and appreciated. Break free from old habits and add some thought and consideration to your next message. “Kind regards”, “Take care” or “All the best”, may more aptly relay your sentiments.

It is with complete sincerity when I say to you, “Have a nice day!”  

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