Job Search Strategy Knowledge

Have you performed your due diligence to uncover the knowledge necessary to implement a successful job search strategy? Have you investigated companies, organizations, people, industries, logistical information and market trends to ensure you have acquired the information necessary to succeed in your job search? The responsibility for managing your career is yours and it is unlikely long term success will be attributed simply to waiting for an online job posting. What is online, is a vast amount of information and statistical data to assist in making the decisions that will ensure you are moving in a positive direction along a successful career path.

Are you aware of the statistical data related to the availability of jobs in the city you reside in? Does your job search strategy include a willingness to relocate? According to Labour Statistics there is 1 job posting for every 1 unemployed resident in Washington DC but in Miami there is only 1 job posting for every 4 unemployed residents. Canadian statistics show an increase in the labour market in Ontario and a decrease in Nova Scotia for the month of April.

Are you following industry trends and if so has it impacted your job search strategy? Have you considered transitioning  to a thriving industry from one which has experienced a consistent decline over many years? What are your key transferable skills?

Have you compiled a list of targeted companies based on a variety of criteria including a sound financial history? Do they have a clear and proven mission statement? Are company policies in place for corporate social responsibility initiatives? Do they provide a healthy environment for employees and is positive feedback available from past employees?

As mentioned, resources for information are abundant. Labour statistics are available from government sources and most job sites include market trend information such as, Job Market Competition. Linkedin may be the top professional social media site for individuals but it also includes jobs, company data, groups and shared information including questions and answers. Monster and ExecuNet provide exceptional sites for job seekers but also include extensive professional advice.

If your job search strategy is not resulting in job offers, it may be necessary to obtain the services of an executive career management professional. Career coaching, interview tutoring or a free resume critique could be all that is needed to succeed in your job search.


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