Job Search Discrimination

Career coachSenior level job seekers may not complain as loudly as their junior counterparts but overall the general consensus is most recruiters and HR professionals are guilty of discrimination. Missing out on a job opportunity is often heard to be the result of an organization’s discriminatory hiring practices. With age and gender cited most often the following articles should be of interest to those who may have been concerned.

Is Your Age a Deficit–or a Plus? Laurie Tarkan includes some interesting statistics in the article and notes  discrimination is more of an issue to those unemployed than those employed as well as those who have been passed over for a promotion or just not happy in their current positions.

Women over 55 country’s fastest-growing labour market demographic. Darah Hansen of the Vancouver Sun provides details according to Statistics Canada showing a long running trend of women over 55 finding jobs.

There are many reasons you may not be considered as a potential candidate. Contact an Executive Career Management Professional to gain a wealth of knowledge to assist in securing your next job opportunity.

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